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Reckona - The Recruitment Calculator

Update, 23 January 2023:

Reckona is no longer available for sale. Current users will still be able to use Reckona until the end of their current subscriptions, but won’t be able to renew. Launching Reckona was a bit of an experiment, and ultimately we didn’t get enough customers to be worthwhile to keep going, but we thank our customers for your support.



When was the last time you made an error in your recruitment calculations? When was the last time you confused margin and markup? When was the last time a great deal for you turned out to be a really great deal for the client when you got back to the office and totted up your commission?



Reckona is no longer available for sale. 



Make mistakes a thing of the past with the Reckona app. Easy to use, updated as legislation changes and designed specifically for the UK recruitment industry. This will save you time and money and take away the stress of complex calculations when you want to focus on building client and candidate relationships.